By outsourcing to Premier, you are guaranteed to receive reliable, trustworthy and professional services tailored to your specific needs.  You will also avoid the work of hiring, training and supervising internal staff, allowing you to focus your time on core business activities.
Our talented staff can offer improvements to your accounting and bookkeeping functions, internal controls and financial reporting.  You also gain access to our broad range of knowledge and expertise in handling complex accounting issues that may arise.
Through our Controller/CFO services, Premier will provide oversight and support to your bookkeeper to increase productivity and expertise.
Call us immediately. Our team has the training and experience to step in and keep your bookkeeping function running smoothly.  If possible, we would like to meet with and debrief your outgoing bookkeeper. Our goal is to provide a seamless transition.
You will have at least two contacts at Premier. One of our talented staff accountants, working under the supervision of a manager, will be assigned to your engagement.  This accountant will be your primary, regular contact at Premier, but you will also have access to the manager.
Yes.  QuickBooks is an excellent accounting system that can be used for many types of business and organizations.  We are experts in designing and implementing QuickBooks software, customized to the needs and reporting requirements of your particular business.
Our team members have a wide array of industry experience, including healthcare, construction, specific trade contractors, professional services firms, restaurants, retail businesses, wholesale distributors and more.
Yes.  Our dedicated non-profit team has significant experience with social service providers, charitable and religious organizations, membership and trade organizations, private foundations and other 501 (c) (3) organizations.
Premier is not a CPA firm. We assist our clients with internal accounting and bookkeeping functions while working hand-in-hand with your CPA. We will provide your CPA with timely and accurate information in an organized manner, so that they can serve you more efficiently and effectively.
Your CPA firm will continue to prepare your income tax return. Premier will provide the necessary information to your CPA and will assist your CPA through the tax preparation process, but Premier does not prepare income tax returns.
We will discuss the pros and cons of converting in our initial meeting. In some cases, it makes sense to convert to QuickBooks.  In other cases, our staff will work with your existing accounting system.  We are experts in QuickBooks, but we also have experience with several other systems.
After our initial meeting, we will prepare a customized proposal that outlines the scope of our engagement and an estimate of our fees, based on staffing requirements.  We strive to keep our services streamlined and cost effective.
Yes. Premier can process your payroll internally or work with an outside payroll service. Once we become familiar with your company and your payroll needs, we will determine the best way to proceed.
Typically, our clients assign one staff person to serve as the liaison between our companies.  We can exchange information by email, fax, FedEx, etc.
In most cases, we work from our office in Marlborough, eliminating travel time and allowing our staff to respond quickly to your questions.  Working from our quiet and professional office, which is equipped with the latest technology, we efficiently manage most engagements.  However, if working at our client’s site is required and/or more efficient, we will do that.
Give us a call.  We provide a free consultation to all potential clients.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and objectives and will formulate a plan to provide you with exceptional service.

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